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Managing our beaches and coast

South Australians love their beaches. Adelaide's beaches are the most visited public land in South Australia.

South Australia has over 5,000km of coastline (including offshore islands), and more than 90% of South Australians live on or near the coast. 

Our coastline is losing its natural resilience, which means that our beaches are less able to protect themselves from storms.

Along Adelaide's metropolitan beaches, sand naturally moves from south to north. This combined with human disturbances and development on the coastline means that sand is continuing to be lost from our beaches.

Managing and protecting our precious coastline is critical for our environment, social and economic need, and the department uses a range of strategies and practical activities to do this. 

The State Government is bringing new life to our coastal environment by leading the government’s policy commitments in this area. The department also assists the Coast Protection Board to manage coast protection. This work includes managing Adelaide's beaches since 1973.

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Banner image: Henley Beach. Photo credit: South Australian Tourism Commission.

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