Torrens Outlet to West Beach dunes

The main slurry pump station is located in the dunes, behind the Tamarisk trees near the Henley Sailing Club car park. A submersible pump was installed within the Adelaide Shores boat haven to supply seawater to the main slurry pump station.

The two kilometres of pipeline was buried underground within the dunes. It connects with an existing pipeline that was installed prior to the construction of the coast path to reduce trenching in the new coast path.

There are five discharge stations located within the West Beach dunes that discharge the slurry, via attached flexible pipeline, to the top of the beach or base of the dunes.

During operation, a relocatable sand collection unit is assembled at one of two locations in the dunes south of the Torrens Outlet to supply sand slurry to the main slurry pump station.

View the pipeline route map.