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National and international engagement

The Climate Group States and Regions Alliance

South Australia is a co-chair and a founding member of The Climate Group’s States and Regions Alliance.  The Climate Group States and Regions Alliance brings together sub-national government leaders from around the world in a network to influence international dialogue on climate change, to share expertise, and to show the impact of sub-national government actions to address climate change.

The Compact of States and Regions

The SA Government is a signatory to the Compact of States and Regions, the first ever single, global account of greenhouse gas reduction targets made by state and regional governments.

The Compact is supported by the United Nations and is a partnership between The Climate Group, R20, nrg4SD and CDP. It was announced at the UN Climate Summit in New York in 2014.

In April 2015, South Australia signed the Compact of States and Regions.  This Compact commits the South Australian Government to report on targets and emissions reduction progress annually, at an international level. Reports under the Compact are submitted through the Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action (NAZCA) portal. The portal showcases commitments to action by companies, cities, sub-national regions and investors to address climate change.

Reports under the Compact of States and Regions can be viewed on the NAZCA portal.

Climate KIC Australia 

South Australia is a founding partner of Climate KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community) Australia, which is a partnership between the public, private, research and non-government organisations to foster innovation and help businesses to pioneer products and services for solutions to a changing climate.

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