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Climate change

The Department for Environment and Water plays a key role in helping South Australia prepare for climate change and is responsible for state-wide policy, the administration of climate change legislation and for the delivery of climate change programs. One of our priorities is to ensure that the impacts of climate change are considered in the development of public policy across all of government. 

South Australia’s Strategic Plan includes the vision that South Australians think globally, act locally and are international leaders in addressing climate change. This is underpinned by the following goals:

  • we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions
  • we adapt to the long term physical changes that climate change presents
  • we reduce our reliance on cars in the metropolitan area, by walking, cycling and increasing use of public transport
  • South Australia has reliable and sustainable energy sources, where renewable energy powers our homes, transport and workplaces
  • we aim for zero waste – recycling, reusing and reducing consumption all we can

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