Upcoming safety installation for light commercial vehicles

If you are responsible for or drive one of DEWNR’s light commercial vehicles, including 4WDs, look out for information about when and where to get ‘wheel nut indicators’ installed.

Wheel nut indicators fitted to a DEWNR vehicle

All light commercial vehicles will have the safety devices fitted following a number of incidents and near misses last year with wheels coming loose or separating from DEWNR vehicles.

The indicators allow drivers to easily see whether wheel nuts have loosened before they cause a problem, and will be installed at local tyre dealerships.

Vehicles used over long distances, with heavy loads or routinely used off road are most susceptible to this problem, and a Safety Alert was issued to raise awareness about the risk and the importance of routinely checking and tightening loose wheel nuts.

Feedback from drivers indicated that it is often difficult to check wheel nuts, so DEWNR Fleet Management and the Workplace Safety and Wellbeing Unit identified fitting wheel nut indicators as a simple and effective solution.

Drivers or users of all targeted vehicles will be notified in the coming weeks about when and where to take their vehicle for installation.

For more information about wheel nut indicator installation contact DEWNR Fleet Management.