New video highlights water monitoring’s importance to SA

Discover why water monitoring is important to South Australia’s economy and way of life in the video, Watching Water, developed as an educational resource by the Water Science and Monitoring Branch.

The video introduces people with an interest in water management to how groundwater and surface water are monitored, and highlights why a good understanding of water quality and how much is available is crucial to managing these important resources sustainably.

The video will be shared with schools and other educational organisations to increase understanding of the role water monitoring data plays in ensuring there’s enough suitable water to sustain food production, industry, the environment and people’s wellbeing.

Featuring images captured by staff working across South Australia, the video also aims to raise awareness of the water science carried out across the state to support water policy and planning.

Water Resource Monitoring Unit Manager Kevin Dennis says the film is a great introduction to why DEWNR undertakes water monitoring.

‘The film is a useful resource for natural resources management and water educators throughout the state.’

You can help more South Australians discover why water monitoring is important by sharing the video.

For more information about water monitoring, visit the DEWNR website or contact Kevin Dennis.