Take a walk on the wild side with Good Living

Over the past month, Good Living readers have taken to the wild with 7 animal-centric stories.

In the water, readers were treated with a guide on lampreys, the toothy, eel-like creatures found in the River Murray, and learnt about 5 ‘cryptic’ fish you might spot on a snorkeling trip in SA.

Back on land, readers were updated on how the Kangaroo Island populations of southern emu-wren, firetail and bassian thrush are faring after the 2019–20 summer bushfires, and learnt some fun facts about echidnas. And with the weather warming up and snakes becoming more active, readers learnt what to do if you see a snake in the wild.

Top reads of the month

With springtime bringing about a change in animal behavior – think swooping magpies and lizards basking in the sun – animals continued to be a key theme amongst the top reads of the month, and with 12,626 unique page views, ‘What to do if there’s a blue-tongue lizard in your backyard’ was the most read story of the month.

Coming in second with 11,339 unique page views was ‘Everything you need to know about magpie swooping season’ and following closely behind it with 10,427 unique page views was ‘Your guide to identifying animal poo’.

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