Upskill with training this October

Choose from a variety of workshops next month to help expand your knowledge and gain a professional edge. 

Our Responsibilities on First Nations Country Training 2: Understanding Privileging – 4 October

This training is focussed on understanding privilege and privileging and how it operates in our society. Participants will learn that there are many different types of privilege, not just skin-color privilege, that impact the way people can move through the world or are discriminated against. These are all things you are born into, not things you earned or deserved, that afford you opportunities or barriers that others may not have.

Manual Handling and Office Ergonomics – 16 October or 30 October

This 2-hour session aims to provide information relating to manual handling techniques, exercise, posture awareness, back care and self-management strategies, increase awareness of optimal manual handling techniques and minimise musculoskeletal spine and strain injuries.

Procurement and Contract Management in DEW – 17 October

Learn about procurement principles and the seven stages of procurement in DEW, as well as insurance requirements, contractors and consultants, credit card use and disposal processes.

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If you have specific questions, please contact the Organisational Development Team (internal access only) or send an email to the Training Inbox.