New portal to track DEW’s energy use

An online portal to track the energy use of DEW’s sites and assets has been launched.

Trellis – DEW’s new sustainability reporting and management system – is a flexible web-based platform that will enable DEW to better capture, analyse and report on its significant annual spend and emissions generated from electricity and gas.

To support the operation of Trellis, DEW’s vendors, such as Origin and SIMEC ZEN, will submit their invoices to a new forwarding email address. From here, they will be automatically copied to Shared Services for payment and into the Trellis platform.

How can Trellis help you?

  • If you are undertaking a sustainability improvement project, this can monitored within Trellis so the savings and outcome are automatically captured and analysed.
  • Before paying invoices, check the history of the site in Trellis to ensure there are no irregularities in usage or cost.
  • Compare your site against similar sites across DEW to identify opportunities for emissions reductions. Trellis has the capacity for benchmarking and setting targets to help drive behavioural change to reduce DEW’s environmental footprint.

Using Trellis is simple and is accessible from any computer with internet access.

For more information or to obtain login details for the portal contact Strategic Property Manager Michelle Vickery on 8204 9235.