Boost your skills with training in May

Whether you need assistance navigating your way through change, want to learn more about record-keeping, how to ‘rise above the pack’ or Aboriginal history and Reconciliation, there are still places available in several May workshops.

Navigating Your Way through Change – 17 May

Join Modern Workplace Change Manager Michelle Zweck from the DEW Reform Change team in an exploration of change and how you can navigate your way through the reshaping of DEW. Participants will discuss the concepts of endings, neutral zone and new beginnings and share what this may mean for staff in the current environment. You’ll also develop strategies to help navigate change and discuss opportunities and issues of concern in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Rise Above the Pack – Bystander intervention (White Ribbon) – 22 May
This half-day workshop is designed to give participants the knowledge, skills and confidence to safely intervene in situations where the respect or safety of women is at risk. The workshop will also demonstrate how to challenge anti-social behaviour based on gender-biased attitudes.

Our Responsibilities on Aboriginal Country Training 1: History of SA since 1800 – 27 May

Take part in an interactive session to learn about Aboriginal history of South Australia since 1800. This training includes the opportunity to discuss practical actions for Reconciliation and approaches to engagement.

Our Responsibilities on Aboriginal Country Training 2: Understanding Privileging – 29 May

Understand more about how privilege and privileging operates in our society. Learn that there are many different types of privilege, not just skin-color privilege, that impact the way people can move through the world or are discriminated against. These are all things you are born into, not things you earned or deserved, that afford you opportunities or barriers that others may not have.

Our Responsibilities on Aboriginal Country Training 3: Understanding Racism – 31 May

In this session, participants will watch the video ‘Colour of Fear’, a 1.5 hour film with eight North American men from different backgrounds talking about race relations in America as seen through their eyes. The screening will be followed by a half-hour group discussion.

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If you have specific questions, please contact the Organisational Development Team (internal access only) or send an email to the Training Inbox.