Teams tips you need to know

How did we ever work without it? One good thing to come out of this year has been Microsoft Teams but if you’re still forgetting to unmute your microphone in a meeting then these tips are for you.

Tip 1 Use your spacebar to mute

Described as ‘life-changing’ by several DEW staff members, this tip is worth its weight in gold and will mean you never have to see fellow meeting attendees shaking their heads at you in confusion. Okay, we can’t promise that but at least you will be heard. Simply unmute your microphone by pressing the spacebar and you can seamlessly start speaking to your colleagues without the time-lag caused by reaching for your mouse and clicking on the microphone icon. Try it – you won’t go back. 

Tip 2 Keyboard shortcuts

If you liked that keyboard shortcut, then there’s heaps more to discover. The first one you should learn is Ctrl+. which opens up a list of all the available keyboard shortcuts in MS Teams. The second one is Ctrl+ = as this will let you zoom in on a shared document, and the third is Ctrl+0 which will reset the zoom level.  

Tip 3 Bookmark messages to easily find them later

You can bookmark any message so it’s easy to find later on. Click on the three dot ellipsis in the top right corner of the message and select ‘Save this message’. When you need to find your bookmarked messages, type /saved in the search bar at the top to access all your saved messages – you’ll see them listed in a column on the left of screen.

Tip 4 Formatting messages

Loving the convenience of Teams messages but longing for the formatting options available in Outlook that give your messages extra impact? You can format your messages in Teams. It’s known as ‘Rich Text Formatting’ and it’s available when writing any message. Click in the message input box and a range of options will appear below. Click on the capital ‘A’ font icon to open up the following formatting options:

  • add a message subject line
  • bold, italic, underline and strike through text
  • highlight text, change font color and font size
  • add headings, increase or decrease indents and add bullet or numbered lists
  • insert quotes, links, code snippets, line separators and tables.

Tip 5 Turn a chat into a video or voice call

Did you know that you can quickly turn any chat into a voice call or video call? You can even share your screen from a chat. Just click on the video, voice or screen share buttons in the top right corner of the screen and away you go.

Tip 6 Access your Outlook calendar

The recent change to Office 365 means you can now access your Outlook calendar and Teams meetings via the calendar app in Teams. For more information read the fact sheet (internal access only) prepared by DEW’s IT Team.

Got a Teams tip?

If you’ve got a Teams tip that’s changed your working day for the better let us know. We’ll compile them into a ‘Teams tips – part 2’ article. Email DEW Engagement and put ‘The Weekly Teams tips’ in the subject line.