Kick-start your community consultation with the online hub

If you’re working on a project that requires community consultation, you might like to familiarise yourself with YourSAy – the South Australian Government's online consultation hub – and how to go about using it.

All of DEW’s significant consultations should be published on the YourSAy website, to ensure South Australians have the opportunity to share their ideas and opinions directly with government about issues they care about.

To kick-start your community consultation using the SA Government’s YourSAy website, the first place to go is the YourSAy page on iShare (internal access only), where you’ll find a range of resources and templates to help you get started.

On the iShare page you’ll find out how to:

  • plan your engagement
  • get your consultation posted online
  • provide feedback to the community
  • evaluate your engagement methods.

DEW’s Engagement Unit works with you to centrally coordinate publication of all consultations onto the YourSAy platform.

DEW is the number one agency across the whole of the SA Government for posting YourSAy consultations about environmental issues. The Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) promotes each consultation via its social media channel and e-news, with each of our consultations reaching on average 55,000 people.

DPC can also target the promotion of your consultation by directly emailing a database of more than 6000 people who have registered with YourSAy and expressed an interest in the environment.

DPC has also recently introduced a YourSAy community panel that gives you access to community members who have signed up with YourSAy and agreed to be contacted for surveys where more in-depth feedback is required.


In the lead up to a consultation going live, it’s important that you factor in sufficient time to finalise the YourSAy content, preview and test the web page, and secure director level approval.

It’s best to involve the Engagement Unit in your consultation as early as possible, as they can advise you on your strategy, give feedback on your content and answer your questions.

Once you have finished drafting your consultation, remember to factor in at least two days for the Engagement Unit to review it prior to sending it to DPC. DPC require engagements to be submitted five business days before going live.

For more information about engaging the community using YourSAy contact the Engagement Unit.