Staff Perspectives Survey shows DEWNR staff love their work

The recent Staff Perspectives Survey has revealed that many of you are feeling the love for working at DEWNR this Valentine’s Day, with nearly a third of staff professing a passion for their job. 

Of the 1,185 people who responded to the survey, many shared what gets their heart pounding about working at DEWNR:

  • 88 said that they ‘love’ their job
  • 29 described their work and coworkers as ‘amazing’
  • 141 used the words ‘enjoy’ or ‘enjoyment’ to describe their experience at DEWNR
  • 79 used the word ‘commitment’ when talking about the work they and the department do
  • 355 people talked about how passionate they are about some aspect of working at DEWNR.

Employee Engagement Officer Sylvia Roughan noted that it’s very rare to find this level of enthusiasm in an organisation.

She said, ‘This is the first time I’ve ever seen so many people use such powerfully positive language in this kind of survey and I’ve been analysing qualitative data for more than ten years.

‘While no workplace is 100 per cent perfect, on the whole people really do enjoy working for DEWNR. This is at least partly because DEWNR provides a unique opportunity for people to work for an organisation whose environmentally oriented values and goals align so closely with their own.’

More than 9,000 comments were collected as part of the survey, and the Organisational Development team has been busy using qualitative analysis to explore everything staff had to say.

All branch leaders now have their branch results. Themed reports on a wide variety of topics, including PRDs, valuing the role of the manager, reward and recognition, stakeholder engagement, financial management, workplace health and safety and internal and external communications are now being prepared.

To find out more, contact Organisational Development Manager Cindy Flower or Employee Engagement Officers Kerry Rosser or Sylvia Roughan