Back pain? Rest may not be the answer

The most common pain-related complaint in Australia is back pain. For many years, bed rest was recommended for back pain, but now experts say the opposite is true. 

If sitting or standing causes severe pain, bed rest in small doses can give you a much-needed break from discomfort, but too much time spent in bed could make it worse.

An extended period of rest can trigger further problems such as lack of muscle strength, which will place further strain on your back.

According to Pain Australia, it’s important not to wait for the pain to be completely gone before starting normal activities, including work.

You might feel anxious about exercising, but regular stretching and movement can help decrease pain and discomfort. Just remember to pace yourself, start slowly and gradually build up the duration and intensity of your activity.

Body work techniques like Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais may help you to be aware of your posture and to change poor habits into good ones in order to improve movement and decrease pain.

Article sourced from WellatWork™ Newsletter, a Healthworks publication.