Help improve safety and wellbeing in DEWNR

Have your say on how safety incidents and hazards are reported and investigated in DEWNR. The Hazard and Incident Reporting and Investigation Procedure (internal access only) is available for review and comment.

Science Communication Officer Noby Leong assists Senior Visual Communication Officer Daniel Sunstrom

The draft procedure has been prepared in consultation with key stakeholders and improvements have made the procedure less complex and easier to follow.

Following feedback from Safe Work SA, the requirements for notifiable incidents and site preservation are more clearly set out to help staff understand their legal obligations.

The reliable and efficient reporting and investigation of safety incidents and hazards is a key business process and is central to achieving DEWNR’s safety goals.

It’s crucial that all incidents are reported to managers so they can understand and address the range of safety hazards that staff, volunteers, contractors and members of the public may be exposed to in parks and other DEWNR sites.

Failure to report incidents and investigate them thoroughly exposes not only the organisation but potentially individuals to legal action and may have serious ramifications for DEWNR.

Your feedback on the draft procedure is invited through 2 March. For more information or to provide your comments, contact Senior Safety Projects Officer Peter Bercys.