Get back to nature at the SA Nature Festival

We all love a good festival and our mantle as the festival state just got more secure with the launch of the inaugural SA Nature Festival on Friday. No, it’s not already March – the SA Nature Festival starts on 25 September and runs until 4 October. It promises to be 10 days of encounters, events and experiences held across Adelaide that celebrate and encourage our love of nature. 

Welcome to country ceremony at the 2019 Amongst It event which was a precursor to this year’s festival

The 2020 Nature Festival aims to experiment with different ways to connect the broader community with nature and to foster life-long relationships with nature, with a view to increasing support for all nature conservation efforts.

Getting the festival off the ground marks the culmination of more than three years of collaboration by a number of local conservation organisations, the Australian Centre for Social Innovation and DEW.

Before embarking on a full blown festival, pilot projects were undertaken under the banner of ‘Amongst it in 2018 and 2019 to test the concept and the appetite for running small and varied events aimed at connecting people with nature in new ways. Amongst it generated an extensive network of people keen to keep the pilot project’s momentum going and many valuable lessons were learned along the way, which have been combined to scale up the original concept to create this year's ‘open platform’ festival – think SALA but with nature as the focus.

The Amongst it initiative, and ultimately the SA Nature Festival, grew out of a landmark project titled the Nature of SA which focused on exploring more innovative ways to improve outcomes for conservation in South Australia.

Green Adelaide is a major supporter of this year’s event providing both funding and coordination along with a number of other organisations and groups.

Some of the events to look out for are:

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