Ride your way to a free coffee or breakfast

National Ride2Work Day is on next week – it’s either a great opportunity to pat yourself on the back for your regular riding routine or a good motivator to get your bike out of hibernation.

Held on Wednesday 16 October, Ride2Work Day is Australia’s biggest celebration of commuter riding. 

And for staff who work in the city and ride in that day, it’s also an opportunity to score a free coffee or breakfast. Here’s how: 

1. Waymouth Street coffee 

Ride in and park your bike in the Waymouth Street Office’s ‘end of trip facilities’ in the basement between 7 am and 9 am. You’ll be greeted by the DEW Accommodation Team who will give you a Keep Cup and a coffee voucher to get a freebie at Black Eagle café on Young Street. 

The Accommodation Team is also on-hand to answer any questions you might have about the facilities, which include 276 bike spaces, lockers, showers, change cubicles, ironing facilities, a drying room and bike repair stations. 

2. Hindmarsh Square breakfast

Ride to Hindmarsh Square, arriving between 7am and 9am, to get your free brekkie. Just make sure you register online before the day so the Ride2Work team knows to cater for you. 

Not working on Ride2Work Day? You can book in for a 5-minute tour of the Waymouth Street ‘end of trip’ facilities at a time that suits you – just contact the Accommodation Team. The team is also your go-to if you’d like to be allocated a locker. 

DEW’s Waymouth Street building’s ‘end of trip’ facilities

Note: If it’s your first time riding into work, you might like to visit the Cycle Instead website to find out your quickest and safest route, and check out these tips for new riders.