Recap of changes under Landscape SA

This week we will recap the changes taking place across DEW this week as a result of the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 and new landscape boards commencing full operations today (1 July 2020). 

You can access further information on the Landscape Reform iShare page (internal access only).

Arrangements from 1 July

Branding for landscape boards

The Minister has considered the proposed branding guidelines for landscape boards, and has confirmed the use of a Landscape SA regional brand, including regional variants.

The 1 July staged branding transition is being led by a regional Community Engagement Managers Working Group which has completed a number of important steps with the support of the DEW C&E Branch and Landscape Services. More information will be provided shortly regarding worksite rebranding (including renaming of the Natural Resource Centres), letterheads, signature blocks, business cards, signage, uniforms, and vehicles.

Media liaison

All regional DEW related proactive and reactive media will be handled centrally by the Media Unit within the Communications and Engagement (C&E) branch, led by Jill Freear. DEW regional staff should email the media team for media support.

The C&E Branch has been working with the National Parks and Wildlife Services South Australia (NPWSSA) Regional Operations leadership team to organise broad based media and communication training for regional parks staff, and more advanced training for National Parks and Wildlife Managers. This is in recognition that these senior staff are going to play a greater and more direct role in media liaison into the future, in partnership with the Media Unit.

Communications and Engagement Support

The C&E Branch National Parks marketing team, led by Michelle Read, will continue to work with staff from National Parks and Crown Land Programs, and Regional Operations, to plan for and deliver communications and engagement activities, including the production of parks related content. Landscape board communications and engagement staff who once might have supported regional NPWSSA staff in this area will step away to focus on landscape board initiatives.

It is also worth noting that as part of the 2019 DEW restructure, the National Parks and Crown Land Programs Branch put in place positions such as the Senior Ranger Visitor Services to assist regional operational staff to plan for and execute events. A Communications and Engagement Lead has also recently been appointed to the Tourism and Economic Development Branch to provide support to Parks 2025 projects. DEW regional staff should contact the C&E Branch for communications and engagement support.

Social Media (monitoring and responding)

We anticipate that any regional social media platforms kept/introduced by landscape boards would choose to include parks related content when it serves their audience and communications objectives. For example, if landscape boards are interested in their communities connecting with nature, they might cross promote our Park of the Month initiatives, however this doesn’t extend to providing visitor information on a daily basis or in a routine way. Of course, all DEW owned channels will also be available to disseminate Landscape SA content that is relevant and useful to those audiences.

Any social media traffic relating to parks should be directed to our Parks’ Facebook account as our strongest, state-wide social channel. Direct enquiries regarding parks should be directed to the Customer Service Centre or 08 8204 1910.

Transition of websites

Regional NRM websites have today transitioned to rebranded regional Landscape SA websites. This is the first step of a staged approach which has involved existing sites being reskinned with new branding, and a content review to ensure it is reflective of the new Landscape SA context. Existing URLs and have been kept and redirected to

Staff changes

Today staff will transition from being a DEW regional employee to an employee of a landscape board.  These changes mean that some staff who were working in the regions of Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges, Northern and Yorke and South Australian Murray-Darling Basin may now be working in a different landscape region.

The reason being that the current Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges region is now divided into three new landscape regions:

  • Green Adelaide
  • Hills and Fleurieu
  • Northern and Yorke.

More information about the boundary changes visit the Landscape Reform iShare page (internal access only).