Spaces still available for privileging training tomorrow

It’s not too late to register for the next session of DEW’s Understanding Privileging training, being held tomorrow (27 June).

More than 120 DEW staff have now taken part in the training offered by the Aboriginal Engagement and Reconciliation Unit, and places are still available for tomorrow’s session.

The training (internal access only) is focussed on understanding privilege and privileging, and how it operates in society. It can impact the way people are able to move through the world and the opportunities that are available to them.

Participants will take part in an activity to experience everyday privileging in society, watch a series of short videos and participate in paired and group discussions.

Aboriginal Workforce and Reconciliation Coordinator Meryl Schiller said it is critical for DEW staff who are working across cultures, and with the community generally, to be aware of how privileging operates in society

‘Privileging is something you are born into, not things you earned,’ Meryl said.

‘To have this awareness while going about your work is essential to understand the barriers faced by the First Nation peoples.’

Staff who have attended the training have given high praise to the session. Here is some of their feedback:

‘This was such a great session. I’ve passed on the details to those in my team at our weekly meeting, and highly recommend it.’

‘The training brings to people’s attention something that many never consider and prompts self-reflection and increases awareness that you can then use as a filter for decision-making.’

‘The session you presented yesterday was terrific – thank you.’

What: Our Responsibilities on Aboriginal Country Training: Understanding Privileging
When: 27 June
Time: 1 pm until 3 pm
Where: Level 10, Waymouth Street office

To enrol in the session contact Meryl Schiller or visit the DEW Learning and Development Calendar (internal access only) for upcoming cross-cultural competency training scheduled for NAIDOC Week in July.