Time for your PRD conversation

It’s time to begin preparing for your Performance Review and Development (PRD) conversation with your manager, noting this is to take place between August and October.

Engagement and Administration Coordinator Emma Acella and Engagement Adviser Deb Blair

These conversations are important and provide a timely opportunity to meet with your manager and reflect on your achievements, identify opportunities for improvement and discuss any concerns or issues and possible solutions.

PRD conversations also provide an opportunity to reflect on your current work priorities and ensure you are clear about the priority results for your role.

This PRD discussion also provides a specific opportunity to have a discussion with your manager around wellbeing and productivity in the current COVID-19 environment, including for those employees who are currently working from home.

PRD conversations are in addition to the regular, informal meetings that take place between you and your manager and need to have occurred by the end of October.

What can you expect to get out of your PRD conversation?

PRD conversations can benefit you professionally in a number of ways:

  • clarity around your role and what is expected of you
  • clear expectations about your work goals, responsibilities and required capabilities
  • regular and ongoing feedback about your work performance
  • an enhanced working relationship between you and your manager
  • identification and discussion in relation to any training and development needs
  • a discussion in relation to wellbeing and productivity in the current COVID-19 environment
  • recognition of performance achievement
  • an opportunity to provide constructive feedback to your manager.

What do you need to know?

Prepare for your PRD conversation using the PRD form (internal access only). Follow up with your manager if a meeting time has not be scheduled.

All DEW employees are required to undertake two formal PRD conversations with their manager each year in order to meet the requirements of the Premier’s Direction.

If you need more information, visit the PRD iShare page (internal access only) to download the guide, procedure, PRD form and other supporting materials.