Be aware of updated policies and procedures

To say DEW’s Governance Team has been busy is an understatement – they’ve been reviewing all DEW corporate policies and procedures and have just made the second tranche of updated policies available on iShare.

They’ve also created a new category on the register for policy documents related to Protected Areas and developed new safety procedures.

The review aims to ensure DEW’s business is supported by a comprehensive, modern, and useable suite of policy documents, supporting continuous improvement and excellence in public administration.

The second tranche of reviewed and updated policies now available on the iShare policy register (internal access only) includes:

  • The Overseas Travel Policy (internal access only) and its associated procedure (internal access only) has been updated to more clearly define what is considered overseas travel, remove the requirement to register travel details on the Smart Traveller website, and set allowances as the preferred method of incidental payments incurred while travelling on official business.
  • The Interstate and Intrastate Travel Policy (internal access only) and associated procedure (internal access only) has been significantly overhauled and separated into two documents – a policy and a procedure. Importantly, responsibilities for the approval of travel and the process for seeking approval have been simplified.
  • The Volunteer Safety Procedure (internal access only) has been made more concise and user-friendly.

New procedures have also been recently approved that support the management of DEW sites to ensure health, safety, and security:

All staff are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these new and updated policy documents.

Update to Policy Register

A new category has been created on the register for policy documents related to Protected Areas (internal access only). Documents under this category previously sat under the Natural Resources Management (NRM) category. The Governance Team will be working to fully retire the NRM category in the future. It will be replaced with other categories that more accurately reflect the subject of the policy documents contained within them.

For more information email the Policy Team.