Debut raising of the Pike Regulator

A new environmental regulator has recently been constructed on the Pike River, downstream of the existing Col Col bank and pipe culvert, as part of the Pike Floodplain Inundation Measures Project.

Pike Regulator, which now manages the water level within Pike River

The new regulator will have the ability to manage water levels and create watering events that will assist in improving fish habitat within the creek, as well as delivering water for the environment to native vegetation.

Environmental regulators act like a gate, so in this instance the ‘gate’ will be closed to allow water to build up behind it between the regulator and the Col Col bank. Once the new level is reached, the old bank will be removed.

The existing Col Col bank and pipe culvert was built in the 1890s to maintain the upstream water level in the Pike River system. Now that the Pike Regulator has been constructed and will maintain water levels within the Pike system, the Col Col bank is no longer required and can be removed.

The new water level within Pike River has now been raised to 14.55 metres and will become the new normal water level within this reach of the river.

To find out more contact Engagement Officer Ellee Eleftheriadis.

Col Col bank, constructed in the 1890s