Hazard management featured at national research showcase

The breadth of DEWNR’s work in hazard management featured at the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre’s first research showcase, with staff presenting on topics ranging from coastal erosion to modelling fire behaviour.

Science and Mapping Manager Mike Wouters

‘Research Driving Change’ showcased research carried out through the centre since its formation in 2013, and how the information is used to improve emergency management across Australia.   

Attended by nearly 200 people from emergency service and management agencies from across the country, staff presented DEWNR’s work in:

  • fire behaviour modelling – Fire Management Officer (GIS) Simeon Telfer
  • coastal erosion from multiple events – Coastal Programs Team Leader James Guy
  • the use of non-market values to assist prescribed burning on private land – Fire Management Officer Tim Groves
  • a decision support system to model and plan the annual prescribed burning program – Science and Mapping Manager Mike Wouters
  • a panel on what makes effective research projects, and the cluster of projects on economics and strategic decision making – Policy and Reporting Manager Ed Pikusa.

The National Priorities for Research were also launched at the showcase, defining the research needed to drive the emergency management sector forward in Australia.

The research priorities identified are the culmination of a year of national consultation across the sector, driven by researchers and organisations that use the information to manage natural disasters. 

The research projects aim to support emergency services, land managers, all levels of government and the private sector to understand hazards more thoroughly, and to form the basis of more cohesive, evidence based policies and programs.

Many of the projects also involve working with communities to improve disaster resilience and reduce the human, social, economic and environmental costs from bushfires and other natural hazards.

Partnerships developed through the research centre benefit DEWNR as an emergency management agency, building on strong networks and providing access to case studies of new hazard management techniques used in South Australia.

July 19 Weekly_0003_natural hazards Simeon Telfer.jpg
 Fire Management Officer (GIS) Simeon Telfer

July 19 Weekly_0005_natural hazards James Guy_web.jpg
 Coastal Programs Team Leader James Guy 
July 19 Weekly_0002_natural hazards Tim Groves.jpg
 Fire Management Officer Tim Groves
July 19 Weekly_0004_natural hazards Showcase2017_5 Ed Pikusa.jpg
 Policy and Reporting Manager Ed Pikusa