Champion workplace safety with MySAFETY

From 1 August 2020, MySAFETY will replace DEW’s current hazard and incident reporting system to make it easier for everyone to play an active role in safety. 

Whether you’re a staff member making a report, a manager responsible for investigating, a health and safety representative or a work health and safety consultant there will be self-paced training resources (such as quick reference guides and training videos) and online webinars available to help you prepare and be ready to use MySAFETY.

These training resources will be made available from the MySAFETY Training Resources website from 10 July and these will continue to be updated throughout July and early August.

You are encouraged to visit this website to see what is available and choose the training that is right for you (including reserving these online webinar times in your diary).

Cultivating a strong safety culture

MySAFETY features improved capability to confidentially report and manage psychosocial health hazards and incidents including stress, harassment and bullying. The impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on mental health and wellbeing is a significant focus in our community and globally.

For more information read the MySAFETY FAQ and check responses to some of the frequently asked questions.

Information and training will be made available in the coming weeks and will continue to be available on an ongoing basis.