Adding the 'Chat with me in Teams' link

All DEW staff are encouraged to add a ‘Chat with me in Teams’ link in their Outlook Signature. It’s really simple to add, and helps people contact you directly via Teams Chat wherever you are working.

While email remains an important tool in office communication, in some cases it is more efficient to transition an email discussion to a Teams chat. Putting the ‘Chat with me in Teams’ link in your email signature block signals to your co-workers that you’re open to this transition.

Adding the ‘Chat with me in Teams’ link in your Outlook signature also promises to be a real timesaver in the long run thanks to fewer emails coming your way. And best of all it only takes five minutes to set up.

For a step-by-step guide on how to add Teams to your Outlook signature read the fact sheet (internal access only) prepared by DEW’s IT Team.

And in case your Outlook signature needs an overhaul check the recently approved suite of signature blocks on iShare (internal access only).