Book in for lunchtime meeting on drought, fires and flood

The Hydrological Society of SA (HydSoc) will hold a lunchtime technical meeting on 10 March on Level 1 of the Learning Centre at SA Water House, from 12.30pm to 1.30pm, focusing on water supply challenges for Kangaroo Island during summer.

The Middle River Reservoir is one of the island’s main water supply sources, which experienced strong drawdown in recent months, causing water security concerns, as well as having its contributing catchment effected by recent fires. More recently, heavy rainfalls increased storage levels in the reservoir by 2 metres within 24 hours, but this also led to significant water quality, taste and odour challenges.

HydSoc committee member and DEW Water Science and Monitoring Principal Hydrologist Matt Gibbs encouraged you to come along to hear SA Water’s Steve Kotz discuss the challenges and responses to KI’s water supply, from drought, fires and flood.

‘All are welcome and there’s no charge for attendance,’ he said.

For further information contact HydSoc Secretary Bob Newman.