EAP supporting staff in times of need

We all need a certain degree of stress in our lives to keep us motivated and performing at our best but too much stress can be overwhelming and can cause long-term physical and mental health issues. Stress can be a result of stressors at home or work (including organisational change).

This month, DEW’s Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) Converge International is focusing on how to manage stress and have developed fact sheets and a webinar about stress and what strategies and tools can be used to best deal with it.

To access the webinar and other strategy tools and fact sheets go to the EAP’s online portal and logon using the login and username: dpcsa.

All staff are encouraged to access the EAP for information and support on work or personal issues. A confidential conversation with a trained counsellor can help you be at your best through times of change.

DEW has also updated its Wellbeing iShare page (internal access only) where you can find information on how to improve your wellbeing, both at work and at home.

EAP provider feedback on usage from 2018

A recent survey asked clients of DEW’s EAP provider about the effectiveness of the program. The top three trends among DEW staff using its services were:

  • 100% of client were satisfied or very satisfied with the service they received
  • the number of staff accessing the EAP and Manager Hotline declined in the last few months of 2018
  • personal relationships and health and wellbeing are the highest presented topics for new referrals for 2018.