KI marine education work highlighted at Country Cabinet

DEWNR’s work with Kangaroo Island Community Education (KICE) to build more elements of marine education into the school curriculum was featured at a recent Country Cabinet held on the island.

Kangaroo Island Community Education students ready for a boat trip in the Bay of Shoals

Natural Resources KI's Coasts and Marine Parks Project Officer Danny Male and KICE’s Emma Bell delivered a joint presentation highlighting how the organisations are working together to deliver marine education on the island.

They spoke about the opportunities created for students on the island to learn more about the marine environment, increase their connection to nature and ultimately increase their support for marine parks.

The presentation was attended by Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Ian Hunter, Minister for Education and Child Development Susan Close, Chief Executive Sandy Pitcher and other representatives of DEWNR, the Department for Education and Child Development and KI Natural Resources Management Board.

The ministers were then treated to a special screening of short films made by the students to highlight issues about Kangaroo Island’s marine environment that are important to them. Part of the filming was undertaken from a boat using underwater GoPros.

Danny Male said that this was one of the highlights of helping the students with their projects. 

‘The students were very enthusiastic about the technology opportunities but a lot of them also connected strongly to issues like marine debris,’ Danny said.

Natural Resources KI and KICE aim to build on this success by creating more opportunities for collaboration, mapping the diverse range of conservation projects delivered by Natural Resources KI with the different learning areas of the new Australian curriculum.

Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Ian Hunter looking at students’ work
Minister for Education and Child Development Susan Close looking at students’ work
Attendees at the Kangaroo Island Community Cabinet presentation

Kangaroo Island Community Education students involved in the marine education programs