Katarapko commended for Earth Award

Staff involved with the Katarapko Floodplain Inundations Measures Project recently celebrated the project being awarded the Earth Award, for projects valued between $30 to 75 million, at the Civil Contractors Federation Awards at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The new environmental regulator at Carparks Lagoon completed as part of the Katarapko Floodplain Inundations Measures Project

Water Infrastructure Operations Coordination and Development Program Manager Dr Glenn Shimmin said this achievement was awarded in recognition of the successful delivery of this project in partnership with Fulton Hogan and SA Water.

‘The Earth Awards recognise excellence in all areas of project delivery including construction management, innovation, and environmental and social management,’ Glenn said.

‘The new environmental regulators, fishways and blocking bank have the ability to manage water flow and create more natural wetting and drying cycles within the floodplain, creeks and wetlands

‘Construction at Katarapko was completed in June 2020, with the infrastructure then trialled for the first floodplain inundation event in September.

‘In the past month we have seen water move across many parts of the landscape at Katarapko supporting floodplain health and building resilience for the native plants, animals and ecosystem.’

The Katarapko Floodplain Inundations Measures Project forms part of The South Australian Floodplains Integrated Infrastructure Program (SARFIIP) which is a $155 million investment by the Australian Government and implemented by the South Australian Government to improve the watering and management of River Murray floodplains in the Riverland.