New WHS Reporting System for DEW

From 1 August 2020 all DEW staff will be required to use the new South Australian government work health and safety (WHS) system MySAFETY to report and manage workplace hazards and incidents. 

MySAFETY is replacing the current hazard and incident reporting system HIRM, which will no longer be available after the 1 August go live date.

The new reporting system will provide a quick, easy and effective way for all workers including employees, contractors and volunteers to report workplace hazards and incidents as they occur.

With a simple interface and user-friendly process, with MySAFETY you can report hazards and incidents in real-time from a desktop, tablet or mobile device while working from the office or an offsite location.

Additional MySAFETY functionality will become available to integrate WHS audits, site inspections and risk assessments with the reporting of workplace hazards and incidents, providing a comprehensive WHS management system.

Designed by a team of qualified and experienced safety professionals to meet South Australian government requirements, MySAFETY will assist DEW in better complying with current legislative requirements and standards, in turn improving safety performance.

Information and training will be made available in the coming weeks and will continue to be available on an ongoing basis.