Staff encouraged to join IAP2 Communities of Practice groups

DEW has corporate membership of International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Australasia, which means DEW staff have the option of joining an IAP2 Community of Practice group.

The community of practice groups provide the opportunity for engagement practitioners at all stages of development to build skills and knowledge in their particular industry while supporting others.

The groups provide a safe, confidential space for members to share issues they may be having and access a ‘brains trust’ to benefit from the experiences of others. These groups can provide valuable encouragement, support, development and a great sounding board.

The groups meet monthly via zoom with a particular focus or topic of discussion.

Current IAP2A Communities of Practice groups include:

  • Emergency Management Community of Practice
  • Health Services Community of Practice
  • Infrastructure Community of Practice
  • Environment & Sustainability Community of Practice

To register for the community of practice events you will first need to create an IAP2 account, and then affiliate it with the DEW membership – instructions here (internal access only). Make sure you register each month and don't forget to mark it in your diaries. For more information please contact the DEW Engagement Team.