Have YourSAy about heritage tourism

If you want to have your say on a new heritage tourism strategy for the state, now’s the time.

A draft 10-year strategy is now open for consultation. The draft strategy seeks to increase investment and activity that conserves, retains and takes pride in the sites and stories that shape the South Australian visitor experience, and to give visitors more reasons to share their stories of the state around the world.

The strategy has been developed with extensive input from the tourism industry and others with an interest in heritage tourism, including peak stakeholder reference group, the Heritage Tourism Alliance.

A YourSAy consultation was also held last year in September, providing the community with an opportunity to have input into the development of the draft strategy. More than 280 contributions were made by stakeholders including tourism operators, heritage custodians, and local government.

The draft strategy is accompanied by a draft action plan that covers the first two years of implementation. The action plan reflects the shared responsibility for realising the economic potential of the State’s special heritage places and stories.

This YourSAy consultation marks the final stage of the consultation process. To provide feedback and for a copy of the draft strategy, visit YourSAy by 17 November, or contact Project Manager Heritage Tourism Linda Lacey.