Incident or injury at work? Act quickly every time

When there’s a safety incident or injury at work, it’s time to jump into action. Timely reporting of hazards and incidents ensures necessary care is provided to any injured workers or other persons, relevant personnel are informed of safety issues and prompt action is taken to prevent further incidents.

If you identify a hazard or are involved in an incident this should be reported immediately to your line manager and recorded in the Hazard Incident Reporting Module (internal access only) within 24 hours.

It’s important that staff and managers are also aware of those incidents or occurrences (internal access only) that must be reported to SafeWorkSA and for which site preservation requirements must be observed.

When staff injuries are reported, the Workplace Safety and Wellbeing team will contact the worker or their line manager to assess what response is necessary to ensure the worker can remain at or return to work promptly and safety.

Discussions at this point will include options for the worker lodging a workers compensation claim. In all cases, these discussions and the completion of any claims processes must be undertaken promptly to ensure worker’s entitlements are determined and paid promptly.

These steps ensure DEW provides early assistance where needed, and meets the timeframes set out in legislation and public sector targets for early intervention. DEW’s performance in this area is monitored and audited for improvement.

If you have any questions about the Hazard and Incident Reporting or Injury Management arrangements, contact the Workplace Safety and Wellbeing team (internal access only).