Bird monitoring expert leaves lasting legacy on Eyre Peninsula

Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula Landscape Biologist Dr Greg Kerr has hung up his boots after five years of sharing his extensive knowledge with the region.

Natural Resources EP Landscape Biologist Dr Greg Kerr gives a farewell speech*

Over 60 citizen scientists, Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula staff and community members recently travelled to Port Lincoln – some making a 500 kilometre round trip – to farewell and celebrate Greg’s work.

During his five years at NREP, Greg trained a total of 207 locals in bird monitoring, developed a 10 week bird identification course and initiated the Eyre Peninsula Birds Citizen Science network – a completely volunteer-based network of newly skilled and active members that complements existing smaller community-based birding groups on the EP.

The new EP Birds Citizen Science Network in an area as geographically large as Eyre Peninsula means that 350 bird monitoring sites can now be monitored regularly. These sites are matched with bushland condition monitoring sites, significantly bolstering data contributing to the region’s Biodiversity Monitoring Program. The region is looking to continue to grow this important initiative.

Why not check out some of Greg’s work by taking one of his bird ID lessons online?

*Eyre Peninsula Natural Resource Management Board Presiding Member Diana Laube looks on as Greg farewells the co-workers and volunteer citizen scientists he trained as part of the EP Birds network