You can support the search for the elusive night parrot

A joint initiative between DEW, the Nature Conservation Society of South Australia and Birds SA to search for night parrots in the Gawler Ranges has been shortlisted for the Australian Ethical Super Community Grants. If you’d like to see the project gain funding, you can cast your vote anytime until 30 July.

A night parrot photographed in 2016 at Pullen Pullen Reserve, Queensland (image credit: Steve Murphy)

Researchers plan to use new-generation weatherproof acoustic recorders and old-fashioned birding to detect the bird.

Just 5 years ago this type of survey couldn’t be undertaken because the night parrot’s call was unknown, but it has since been recorded.

The team intends to focus their search in the Gawler Ranges because the region yielded more specimens than any other in the 1800s.

Until recently, the night parrot Pezoporus occidentalis was more myth than bird. A few specimens were provided by early explorers, but no one has caught more than a fleeting glimpse of the parrot for nearly 100 years.

It was presumed extinct until a population was discovered in southwest Queensland in 2013.