Take the next step with this exciting job opportunity

If you’re keen to climb the career ladder and also have a desk with a level 10 view, then you should consider this exciting opportunity to apply for the role of Ministerial Liaison Officer in the Office of the Minister for Environment and Water.

If you are passionate about our portfolio agenda, policy and delivering great outcomes, while broadening your skills and experience then this could be the job for you.

The role will see you working closely with ministerial and DEW staff to support the department in delivering positive outcomes and assist in progressing strategic initiatives.

It’s a role that requires judgement, resilience, and an ability to navigate nuance and complexity. A flair for working with others – with varying levels of seniority – across diverse business units is also critical to success.

Hear from someone who’s been there as an MLO and is now definitely doing ‘that’ aka Executive Director: From MLO to Executive Director: an interview with Ben Bruce.

Offered as a 12-month opportunity, this vacancy provides a unique opportunity. To find out more about the MLO role visit the vacancies webpage (internal access only).