Celebrating Equal Pay Day, 4 September

Did you know that women must work until 4 September to earn the same salary as men did by 30 June? 

Visual Communications Officers Simon Brown and Hannah Potter mark Equal Pay Day, 4 September

This gender pay gap is recognised each year by Equal Pay Day. Announced by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, Equal Pay Day marks the additional time from the end of the previous financial year that women must work to earn the same as men.

In Australia, women’s average full-time remuneration across all industries and occupations is 23.1 per cent less than men’s – that’s an average of $26,853 less per year.

And while the gap has reduced from 16.2 per cent in 2016 to 15.3 per cent in 2017, it has stayed between 15 and 19 per cent for the past two decades despite equal pay legislation being introduced back in 1969.

Chair of the Women in Leadership Sub-Committee of Executive Caroline Croser-Barlow knows from personal experience that it can be really hard to put your hand up for an opportunity, especially when there's stuff going on in your own life.

‘I am really confident that the more we live the benefits of diversity in our workforce - and especially in our leaders, the more we will value that diversity and be willing to support and nurture it - which is so important,’ Caroline said.

The gender pay gap reflects the lost potential of women accessing senior and high-paying roles, with 57.4 per cent of manager-level appointments awarded to men. This is despite women making up 50 per cent of the population and 60 per cent of the most educated people in Australia. 

So how can you mark Equal Pay Day on Monday 4 September?