Ecological benefits underway at Lock 4

New environmental infrastructure will be tested for the first time in a trial that will raise the water level at the Lock 4 weir pool at Bookpurnong, in the Riverland, to achieve ecological outcomes.

One of the primary regulators at Katarapko, The Splash regulator which will assist with inundating the floodplain

DEW Environmental Water Manager Tony Herbert said the trial will run in conjunction with operation of the new environmental infrastructure on the Katarapko Floodplain.

‘It will be the first trial of the raising of Lock 4 to achieve ecological outcomes, and the first testing of the environmental infrastructure at Katarapko,’ he said.

‘The event will run during approximately 100 days with water being held at the peak level at Lock 4 for approximately 60 to 70 days.

‘The two primary Katarapko floodplain regulators at Bank J and The Splash will ensure that the water flow is maintained through the Katarapko and Eckerts Creeks while water levels are raised to inundate areas of the floodplain.’

The planned water raising event will provide water to areas of the river banks and low lying floodplain providing benefits for the trees, understory vegetation and for the wildlife.

‘Watering the floodplain helps to build resilience, improve the health and condition of the native vegetation and leads to an increase in wildlife activity in the area,’ Tony said.

The planned event is expected to commence in early September.

For more information, please contact Pike and Katarapko Communications and Community Engagement Officer Ellee Eleftheriadis.