Are you getting the support you need?

Did you know that a free, professional and confidential short-term counselling service is available to DEW employees and immediate family members – to support us to be at our best in our work and personal lives?

EAP have qualified and experienced counsellors, psychologists and social workers available to support DEW staff with a broad range of issues

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is provided through Converge International, who have qualified and experienced counsellors, psychologists and social workers available to support us with a broad range of issues which may include work (such as performance, working relationships, career adjustment or change) or personal matters (which could be health and wellbeing including mental health issues, finance, family or addictive behaviours) which can have a negative impact on how we perform at work and in our private lives.

Mental health conditions directly affect one-in-five Australians. They are even more prevalent in young adults, affecting up to 25 per cent of this age group. Many of us would have experienced, or know a friend or family member who has experienced a mental health issue at one point or another.  

EAP can play an important role in helping people to effectively manage these conditions.

If you or a colleague are experiencing difficulties, ask yourself, or them, ‘are you receiving the support you need at this time?’ Contacting this service may then be the next step.

Practical results of seeking EAP support can include:

  • Enhanced emotional and psychological wellbeing

  • Improved interpersonal and coping skills at work and at home

  • Enhanced workplace performance and personal wellbeing

  • Feeling better able to deal with things which distract us from what we really need to engage in, at work and at home. 

Managers at all levels play a key role to support us to do our best at work and will, from time-to-time face situations where they need additional support, particularly working through people challenges and on the job concerns.

Converge International also provide ‘Manager Assist’ a confidential coaching and advisory service which supports team leaders, supervisors and line managers to deal with staff challenges and concerns in the workplace. Manager Assist offers independent support with:

  • Supporting employees’ mental health concerns

  • Managing employee performance issues and behaviour change

  • Communicating during workplace change

  • Resolving conflicts

  • Managing workload and work/ life balance

  • Identifying strategies to support at-risk employees

  • Team building and team development issues

  • Having difficult conversations with employees

  • Building leadership skills

Contact Converge International on 1300 687 327 or visit select ‘Portal Login’ and enter ‘dpcsa’ as the login and password.