Development opportunities for staff

During your recent PRD conversation, you and your manager may have discussed various options to meet your development needs. There are a variety of opportunities available depending on your learning style and what you need to learn or develop further.

Online training
Check out Bridge to see the short online courses that are available, including Stepback, How to set goals – and achieve them, How to master your next presentation, and more.

A broad range of training resources (books and DVDs) are available from the Organisational Development Library (internal access only). You may have a personal or professional development need you wish to focus on. Topics include teams and teamwork, management, building self-esteem, leading change, communication, difficult conversations and more.

Corporate training calendar
Workshops are offered to all staff through the Organisational Development Booking System (internal access only). If you have a development need that is not offered through the corporate calendar, please email the Training Inbox to register your interest in a workshop that has not been scheduled or for external training options.

DEW programs
Alternative development options on offer include the DEW Mentoring Program (internal access only) and the DEW Coaching Framework (internal access only). Consider the differences between coaching and mentoring and discuss with your manager if you would like to pursue this option.

External options
If your development need is not addressed through internal opportunities, have a look at the following websites for upcoming training: