Collection of creature features to help content creation

Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges’ NRM Education team has compiled an interesting collection of articles about local wildlife, which help show educators possibilities for including local native wildlife and the outdoors in their teaching and curriculum.

The tiny western pygmy-possum, courtesy of Amanda McLean, University of Adelaide

The short ‘creature feature’ articles promote a local plant, animal, fungus or ecosystem relevant to either a season, environmental event or interesting date (for example, Walk to School Day, bird migration or Christmas Day).

These articles may be used across the business as a basis of content for blogs, newsletter content, Facebook posts, web content or NRM educational activities with the community.

The collection is available in an easy to access format, with interactive tables of content grouped according to plant or animal type (for example, grasses, algae and other water plants, or birds). Contents pages are provided both by the name of the original article and also by the common name of the organism discussed.

The publication is regularly updated with new articles.

For more information, contact NRM Education Officer Steve Walker on 8234 7255.

Creature Feature publication