This week’s recap of COVID-19 related staff communications

Each week we recap all-staff communications related to DEW’s COVID-19 response from the previous week. You can access these communications in full on the COVID-19 page (internal access only) of the DEW Staff Hub

Please note that Citrix access is not required to access the DEW Staff Hub.

Here’s a recap of last week’s all-staff communications:

COVID-19 Update 20 July 2020:

In the latest COVID-19 Update, Executive Director Sandy Carruthers advised that as the COVID-19 situation continues to change in Australia, the DEW Executive team continue to consider DEW’s return to worksite transition process. Staff will be kept informed as these decisions are made, and when the transition process begins, will be guided on what will happen.

Staff were reminded that during these rapidly changing times, all staff must continue to take care of themselves and each other.

An updated COVID-19 protocol was provided to make clear the steps staff and managers are to take if feeling unwell, being tested for COVID-19, confirmed as positive for COVID-19, or having been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. Please take the time to review this to help protect yourself and those you work with. The protocol can be found on the DEW Staff Hub.

This also includes the following reminders:

  • Please continue to check in on each other. If you, your colleagues or immediate families need support, please reach out to the Employee Assistance Program. The details can be found on the DEW Staff Hub.
  • For staff who are still working from home for the time being, a reminder to ensure you are looking after yourself with an appropriate ergonomic setup at home. The Pinnacle videos are available to help you.
  • A reminder that DEW will reimburse the cost of influenza vaccinations for staff, more information on the reimbursement process can be found on the DEW Staff Hub.

DEW’s frontline staff at parks and public places were also acknowledged and thanked for ensuring these important places are open and safe for the community to enjoy. If staff have any concerns about safety, they are asked to discuss this with their manager in the first instance, and if required seek the support of the WHS team.

You can find out more in the update, which can be found on the COVID-19 page (internal access only).

Other useful resources: and Facebook page @sahealth

Australian Government Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080