Public sector mobilising to support COVID response

South Australia has done a fantastic job to date in protecting the community from COVID-19, and to ensure this great work continues, staff are being mobilised from across the public sector.

This ensures that the state government is well prepared and can respond quickly should an outbreak occur.

Staff are being nominated from all agencies. These staff will be trained as a standby ‘surge’ workforce, ready to be mobilised quickly should the situation change.

It is an important role, protecting the SA community and supporting our colleagues in SA Police (SAPOL) and SA Health to deliver critical and essential services.

There are many roles staff can support SA Health and SAPOL with, such as contact tracing, administrative and customer service roles, project management and processing border crossing applications.

A number of DEW staff have already mobilised to support the State Government’s COVID-19 response, and more will be trained in the coming months.

The duration of placements will vary depending on the duties and situation, and not all staff who are trained will be mobilised. It’s a case of being prepared and having people ready to respond if needed.

Find out more about the South Australian government’s COVID-19 response.