This week’s recap of COVID-19 related staff communications

Each week we recap all-staff communications related to DEW’s COVID-19 response from the previous week. You can access these communications in full on the COVID-19 page (internal access only) of the DEW Staff Hub

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Here’s a recap of the last week’s all-staff communications:

CE News – 19 June – DEW Staff Survey Results

In the latest CE News, the Chief Executive thanked staff for completing the recent staff survey. Over 1000 responses were received, providing valuable insight into how staff are feeling about, and responding to, the COVID-19 situation.

Some clear themes emerge from the survey results. The majority of staff feel well supported and well informed. The ICT team is providing very good support and technology solutions. That team’s assistance was of course particularly valuable as many staff transitioned to working from home.  Most work groups report they are working well together, despite the challenges.

Responses to the survey also provide useful information about the challenges. Understandably, some staff indicate that the COVID-19 restrictions have had an impact on wellbeing. For some, there has been an increase in workload while working from home. Some public facing staff have expressed concerns about staying safe while performing their duties.

More detailed information about the survey results will be shared, once a more in-depth analysis of the results has been completed.

As the COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease, planning is underway to determine how DEW will transition staff back to the various offices and workplaces.  The Office for the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment has published Guiding Principles ‘COVID-19 Workforce Considerations -Transitioning Back to the Workplace’.

At DEW, planning will be informed by the survey results, and guided by the following principles, which align with the Commissioner’s Guiding Principles:

  • Safety and wellbeing of staff and customers;
  • Productivity;
  • Cost efficiency; and
  • Sustainability.

Leaders will proactively manage the transition to ensure that it aligns with agency priorities and supports consistent service delivery. Staff safety and wellbeing will be a critical consideration. And decisions will take account of whole-of-agency considerations (valuing consistency while recognising the diversity of our business). This means that the transition will look and feel different in different parts of the agency. Leaders and the Chief Executive will continue to keep you informed.

You can find out more in the update, which can be found on the COVID-19 page (internal access only).

A reminder to notify your manager immediately if you:

  • have come into close contact with someone who has confirmed COVID-19, or
  • are being tested for COVID-19, or
  • have been confirmed as having COVID-19.

Notifying in HIRM is critical to DEW being able to live-monitor and respond to instances of DEW employees contracting COVID-19. This will ensure that appropriate and immediate control measures can be put in place to protect staff and the community.

You can find out more in the update, which can be found on the COVID-19 page (internal access only).

Other useful resources: and Facebook page @sahealth

Australian Government Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080