This week’s recap of COVID-19 related staff communications

Each week we recap all-staff communications related to DEW’s COVID-19 response from the previous week. You can access these communications in full on the COVID-19 page (internal access only) of the DEW Staff Hub

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Here’s a recap of last week’s all-staff communications:

CE News 24 July: Current working arrangements to continue

In his most recent update, Chief Executive John Schutz advised that given the escalating COVID-19 situation in Victoria and New South Wales, he has decided to continue with DEW’s current working arrangements for at least the next few weeks. These working arrangements are both working well and helping to keep staff and the community safe.

This is a whole of Public Sector issue and the Chief Executive will continue to get advice from across government, SA Health and within our agency, and will keep staff informed over the next few weeks about any changes to DEW’s working arrangements.

Your manager will continue to track your working arrangements and work location daily to enable rapid contact tracing in the event of a staff member confirmed as having COVID-19. You must only attend a worksite with the permission of your manager. This allows DEW to coordinate who, how and when staff attend work sites so DEW can ensure COVID protocols are maintained at all times.

The Chief Executive reminded staff of the importance of immediately notifying their manager in line with the updated COVID ‘what to do if you or your staff are unwell’ protocol. The Chief Executive also reminded staff that based on the SA Health advice all meetings should be virtual, unless there is a compelling business reason to meet in person. 

All of DEW’s frontline customer facing sites remain open, with COVID management plans in place and staff practicing COVID-19 safe protocols. DEW’s work has and continues to be an important part of the Government’s economic and wellbeing response to support South Australia and its community through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You can find out more in the update, which can be found on the COVID-19 page (internal access only).

A reminder to notify your manager immediately as per the updated ‘COVID-19 what to do if you or your staff are unwell’ protocol.

Other useful resources: and Facebook page @sahealth

Australian Government Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080