Shining a light on our climate champions

Opening this week are the 2020 SA Climate Leaders Awards which showcase the innovative work across South Australia in responding and adapting to climate change, and build our reputation as a climate-smart state.

An initiative of the Premier’s Climate Change Council, nominations are invited from community, business and industry, and government – with $10,000 awarded to one overall winner.

In 2018 the overall prize was awarded to Wattle Range Council for their innovative work developing an adaptation plan for Southend in the states south-east. The $10,000 contributed to the implementation of the plan, including modelling, monitoring and implementing managed retreat options for this important section of coast line. 

Other previous winners include Associate Professor Seth Westra for inspiring future leaders in sustainability and climate risk; 2XE consulting firm for helping businesses towards ‘net zero’ goals; and CORENA for their continued trailblazing to help not-for-profits access renewable energy.

Entries must be submitted online by Friday 18 December, with all winners to be announced at an event in early 2021.

For more information visit the website or contact Nicole Westbury on 8463 4461.