Supporting DEW employees during the reshaping of DEW

After the success of her workshops in March and April, Modern Workplace Change Manager Michelle Zweck is once again offering all staff the opportunity to join her in an exploration of change and how individuals can navigate their way through the reshaping of DEW.

Participants will discuss the concepts of endings, neutral zone and new beginnings and share what this may mean in the current environment, develop strategies to help navigate change and discuss opportunities and issues of concern in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Michelle brings years of experience in change management and facilitation. Topics Michelle has been working on with teams include:

  • engaging with staff regarding the key organisational shifts
  • helping them identify organisational reform opportunities
  • developing plans for the implementation for these opportunities.

Navigating Your Way through Change workshops:
When: 13 May or 17 May
Times: various
Where: Level 10 Waymouth Street office.

Go to the Organisational Development Booking System (internal access only) to book in.

If you have specific questions, please contact the Organisational Development Team (internal access only) or send an email to the Training Inbox.

Access support during change

As DEW continues the important and challenging work of reshaping the agency, staff may feel the impact of change in different ways.

Change is a word that can spark worry and concern, especially when you know that changes are on the way at work and there is a level of uncertainty. During this time, it’s important that you don’t fear the negative impacts of change, but instead reframe your thoughts by:

  • acknowledging that change is coming
  • accepting that some people will feel unsettled at the news of change, but you can be proactive and reach out for support or offer support to colleagues
  • focusing on the opportunities that change brings, such as the chance to learn new skills or work with others
  • playing an active role in the change at your workplace by speaking to your manager.

When you feel concern or strain about workplace change, reach out to your support network, including your manager, teammates or your professional network.

The Converge International Employee Assistance Program can help. You can speak to a counsellor by calling 1300 OUR EAP (1300 687 327) or by clicking on the Live Chat button at the top of their website.