How to help your team embrace change

What are people really saying when they say ‘no’ to change? And how can you work with your team to help them embrace change? This interesting TED talk on embracing change could be useful for you and your team.

The TED talk covers the common responses people have to change. And it works through what people really mean when they say things like ‘now’s not a good time’, ‘it’s been done’ or ‘it’s never been done’.

The video also contains practical exercises to run with staff, including:

  • a way to understand the three different responses to change
  • a ‘four doors’ exercise to help understand how big the change is
  • the value in being open to change rather than closed.

The video was recently shared by Organisational Performance Acting Director Darren Humphrys with his team, and was discussed as a useful tool in thinking about change.