Meet CE Staff Forum representative Richard Frost

Senior Unix Systems Administrator Richard Frost is one of the Chief Executive’s Staff Forum (internal access only) representatives who can bring your questions or concerns directly to the CE every 6 weeks. 

Senior Unix Systems Administrator Richard Frost

Read on to learn about his experiences with the CE Staff Forum.

What do you find valuable and enjoy about the CE Staff Forum?

The opportunity to raise Information Technology (IT) matters directly to the CE about the impact of the Landscapes Reform Act and the Reshaping DEW process is especially important to the Technology Branch.

From my experience the forum is conducted in a non-judgemental manner that allows for the free and open discussion of topics that concern many groups across DEW.

By attending these meetings I can see and report how different groups across DEW are preparing for upcoming change from a technology perspective and ensure the Technology Branch is properly informed and prepared.

In IT we need to be prepared many months or even up to a year in advance of impending changes due to scale of the impact of the change and the time it may take to procure the relevant technology, deploy, test and integrate it in advance of these changes.

Gathering this information well in advance allows us to ensure our services and infrastructure have been updated in a timely manner to meet and or exceed all of DEW’s expectations of the Technology Branch.

How do you engage with your colleagues to gather questions or comments from them and report back?

When asking for questions for CE forums I send reminder emails to relevant managers who remind their staff to pass their questions on to me directly.

After returning from a CE Forum, I prepare a summary that covers the questions that I’ve asked and topics that were relevant to Technology Branch. I send the summary to the managers, who then distribute the information to their staff.

What feedback have you received from your colleagues about the process? Has the information helped in staff understanding what is happening at DEW?

Feedback I have had so far has been very positive that we have the opportunity to raise questions at this level in the organisation and have a local liaison that is readily available to talk with.

What are you looking forward to with the forum in 2019?

Over the coming months I’m looking forward to finding out how the new process improvement ideas submitted by staff are received, evaluated, selected and then ultimately funded as part of the ongoing Reshaping DEW process.

The new structure offers the opportunity for the agency to build and track measurable reforms, and the Technology Branch offers opportunities to assist others across the department to achieve this.


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