Biggest Morning Tea COVID-19 style

Every year, staff in the South Australian Arid Lands region host a Biggest Morning Tea fundraising event – and this year was no exception, although given the COVID-19 restrictions their efforts were pretty exceptional.

South Australian Arid Lands staff enjoy their Biggest Morning Tea

With limits on the number of people who could attend group gatherings, and many staff still working from home, event organizer, Desert Parks Customer Service Officer Sam Butler had to think of alternative ways to host this important fundraiser.

‘We knew that we could still source food donations from staff as cooking in your kitchen is not a problem. The main thing we had to reconsider was how to serve the food,’ Sam said.

‘So once staff dropped off their food donations, these were divided up into individual plates, which were then sold to staff who were required to come in collect their plate, paying for it at the same time.’

In order to maintain social distancing, a roster was established to ensure collection times were appropriately staggered.

The morning tea took place in the same office location in Port Augusta as it did every year, but this year people kept apart and social distancing was maintained. There was no need to set up a large table to serve the food from, as everyone had pre-purchased their morning tea plates. 

The only thing that had to be set up was a computer screen so that those staff working from home could join in via Teams.

Thanks to great preparation the morning tea event was just as popular as it had been in past years. Staff were extremely generous, and the combined regional staff raised just over $1000.

The official date for the Biggest Morning Tea was 28 May, but you can hold a morning tea anytime in May or June.

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